Providing Honda customers with simple, flexible and convenient finance in the easiest way possible.

Why Honda Financial Services?

  • Tailored finance to make your new Honda purchase as easy as possible
  • As part of Honda Motor Company, we offer finance specifically for Honda products
  • No fussy forms, intrusive questions or reams of small print to wade through
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • All Honda dealers reviewed by us to ensure the highest standards of expertise
  • Potentially a more cost effective way to finance your Honda than traditional methods

So what's next?

Think about a monthly payment that fits in with your budget. Choose the finance that suits you, then pick your favourite Honda from our wide range of motorcycles and scooters. It’s that easy. Once you’ve decided, visit us and take a test ride.

Personal Loan (VPL)

  1. You decide which model and how much deposit you want to pay.
  2.  We calculate for you how much you want your fixed monthly payment to be and over how long. So you know up front how much your Honda will cost you each month, until it’s paid off.

* Terms and Conditions apply

Honda Aspirations (PCP - Personal Contract Purchase)

  1. You decide which model.
  2. We then calculate a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value for your bike.
  3. We deduct this future value from the price of the bike and your monthly payments are based on what’s left.
  4. Honda Aspirations allows your repayments and term to be less than traditional finance, you can change your bike more often, PLUS you know your bike’s minimum future value at the end of your agreement.*

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a simple and straightforward way to finance your Honda. We give you the option to finance your motorcycle during a period that suits you broken down into monthly payments. Our interest rates are fixed therefore you know how much you are paying from the beginning of your finance agreement.

All you need to is:

  • Decide on your model
  • Pay your deposit
  • Choose your repayment period

At the end of your agreement once you have paid all repayments and the option to purchase fee, the vehicle is yours to keep.